Models 200A & 200B Series Strobe - Heavy Duty

200A Photo   200B Photo

200A & 200B

The models 200A and 200B are available in a standard single flash, a doubleflash (200AD or 200BD), a doubleflash highpower (200ADH or 200BDH), a quadflash (200AQ or 200BQ) and a quadflash highpower (200AQH or 200BQH).

The 200A and 200B series are built with heavy-duty spun aluminum bases.The 200A has an open bottom while the 200B has an enclosed bottom. Each has a smooth outer dome for easy cleaning and protects the inner fresnel lens. RFI protection is available for double or quad flash and is standard with all high powered models. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions.


Product Features:

  • Most popular strobes.
  • The premiers of our strobe line.
  • The brilliance and protection were designed for a wide range of light and heavy duty applications.
  • Easy to mount with two toggle bolts.
  • Clear outer Lexan dome is easy to clean.
  • Color in on inner fresnel lens near flash tube for maximum effect.
  • Anodized spun aluminum case for durability/weather protection.

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