Celebrating 132 Years! Star Headlight & Lantern Co., Inc. Proudly Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA!

Star Capabilities

Manufacturing Facilities & Equipment

Manufacturer of LED Warning Lights, Strobe Warning Lights, Halogen and Incandescent Warning Lights, Lightbars, Lanterns, Marker Lights, Switch Controllers, Sirens, Back-Up Alarms, Custom Wire Harnesses, and Mounting Brackets. Learn about the history of Star Headlight HERE

  • Barlight, LED, Mini-Bar production area
  • Plastic molding pellet silos provide ample raw material to meet any change in demand of molded product
  • Metal stamping utilizing turret presses for flexibility and short run stamping
  • Punch press for larger runs
  • Strobes, LED production area
  • Surface mount placement equipment (SMT) meeting all the newest board and component designs
  • Thru-hole automation insertion equipment
  • Light Tunnel: Photometric Validations to SAE standard for LED, Fluorescent, Strobe, Halogen and Incandescent
  • Meets the requirements of Automotive, Emergency Equipment, Rail, Industrial Fire Alarms, Certified by AMECA
  • EMI Chamber Ability to test our own products to both European and American specifications, in house
  • Anechoic Chamber certified by AMECA to test sound output for sirens, warning alarms and back-up alarms
  • Molding in polycarbonate, ABS, Glass Filled Nylon and Over Molding in Polyurethane, Press capability from 80 - 700 tons
  • Color Blending capability at the presses, chromaticity validation for color
  • Aluminum extrusion, Machining, Cutting, Drilling, and Tapping
  • Pad printing machine: Ability to print information directly on products

Core Capabilities

Standard Products

  • LED Warning Lights - Beacons, Lightbars, and Directional
  • Strobe Lights - Beacons, Lightbars, and Directional
  • Halogen/Incandescent - Beacons, Lightbars, and Directional
  • Barricade Warning Lights
  • Back-Up Alarms, Buzzers, and Sirens
  • Railroad Personal Safety Products - Trainman Lanterns, Car Inspector Lanterns, Marker lights, and blue lights
  • 6V/12V rechargeable batteries and chargers
  • Custom wire harness and Termination
  • Mounting Brackets and Assemblies
  • LED Illumination Lighting

Design Engineering

Illumination Design Experience

  • Source Type: LED, Fluorescent, Gaseous Discharge, Halogen, Incandescent

Audible Products

  • Sirens, Back-Up Alarms, Industrial Warning Alarms and Horns


  • Industrial Warning/Emergency Lighting
  • Heavy-Duty Truck
  • Railroad
  • Police
  • Fire/EMS

Voltage Ranges

  • 6/12/24/36/48/72/120/240V DC 24/120/240V AC, 10-30 10-72/10-110V DC (Multi Voltage)

Modeling/Machine Shop

  • 3D Plastic Model Printing
  • Plastic Machining
  • Metal Machining: Wire EDM, Carbon EDM, CNC Machine and Fabrication of Aluminum Extrusions
  • Rapid Prototyping

CAD Capability

  • SolidWorks (3-D Mechanical Software), Autocad/Mechanical Desktop (2-D + 3-D) software, TracePro (Optical Ray Trace), Orcad (Schematic/PCB layout), Mastercam (CAD/CAM Software)

Agency Approvals

  • UL/CUL [Nema 4X, Explosion proof (Div I, Div 2), IP65, Fire Alarm, Marine]
  • CSA, SAE, FRA, CE, California Title 13, AMECA, NFPA, ECE

Test Equipment

  • Anechoic Chamber (AMECA Certified), 18 meter Photometric Light Tunnel (AMECA Certified), Environmental Chambers, Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency EMI/RFI Chamber, Dust Chamber


  • Vertically Integrated Metal Stamping, Plastic Molding, Metal Die Fabrication, Plastic Mold Fabrication, Electronic Design and Assembly, Encapsulating, Final Assembly
  • Flexible Manufacturing Process Custom Production
  • Large Quantity Runs and/or Short Runs
  • Inventory management system
  • Product Tracing to the End User-Product Serial Number
  • Manage via Preventative Maintenance
  • Pad printing

Metal Fabrication (Stamping, Bending, Cutting, Welding)

  • Stainless Steel to 14 gauge
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum to 1/4”
  • Extrusion CNC

Molding/Over Molding (Polycarbonate, Glass Filled Nylon, ABS, Others)

  • 80 - 700 ton molding presses, Color Blending, Chromoticity Testing

Electronic Circuit Boards

  • SMT and Thru-Hole, FR-4 and Metal Core

Epoxy Encapsulating

  • Weather -Proofing and Vibration Protection
  • Urethane and two component epoxy
  • Dip, Spray, and encapsulate capability

Internal Design Validation

  • AMECA certified Photometric Lab
  • AMECA certified Sound Chamber
  • ECE Standards
  • Solidworks Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • SAE Standards
  • UL/CSA/CE Standards